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12-week-old puppy rescued from well

A poor 12-week-old puppy from Phenix City, Alabama, was saved in a dramatic animal rescue, reports.

The dog, named Benji, was discovered by Mary Danford's husband last week after he fell in a storm drain in their backyard. The wide-eyed pooch was a Christmas gift to the Danfords' three sons, who were understandably worried for the animal.

"I just felt helpless, I felt horrible for him because you literally could just here him whining and whimpering we couldn't see [him] because of where he was and all we could do was hear him crying," Mary told the news outlet.

After calling local authorities, the dog was eventually freed from the hole. Dunford told the news source that she's going to make sure the drain is fixed so an incident such as this does not happen again.

Experts stress that pet parents should make sure to dog-proof their house while a furry companion is living with them. It was just last week that a California pooch made national headlines after getting his head stuck in a hole at his home. 
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