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13 stray dogs in Taiwan making their way to U.S. in order to find loving home

Although there are a countless number of dogs in need of adoption in Taiwan, it looks as though 13 lucky pups are about to find a loving home in the United States.

The website Focus Taiwan reports that the canines were rescued from Kaohsiung City and were on their way to Taipei in order to make the long trek overseas.

It turns out these animals were in desperate need of attention. The news source reports that the pooches suffered from a variety of illnesses, ranging from innumerable insect bites to serious skin ailments.

Although Taiwanese residents are aware of the growing problem of homeless pooches, the news provider reports that the adoption rate is still low in the country. This specific rescue team has worked to save more than 1,400 animals and ship them off to the states to increase their chances of finding a forever home.

According to, while much of Asia deals with the issue of stray dogs, Thailand is dealing with an epidemic. The country reportedly has more than 300,000 homeless canines within its borders.
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