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13-year-old entrepreneur raises money for animal shelters

Cole Amyx started thinking about making dog toys when he was only 8 years old and noticed that his dog's toys were becoming too expensive for his family. He began developing his signature toy and now sells the toys and donates all of the proceeds to a local animal shelter.

Amyx, 13, has become known around Houson as a charitable entrepreneur, KLTV reports. He began selling his creation, the "Cole Amyx Slobber Dog Toy" to neighbors, then expanded his reach to dog parks and street fairs. Now, consumers can buy the toy, a tennis ball with a hole drilled into it and knotted fleece strips for tugging and throwing, online at his website.

To date, Amyx has sold 2,000 toys, and every dollar he earns he donates to Houston-area animal shelters to help animals there.

"Usually, when I donate, I say it has to go for food first," he told the news source. "Food and water because that's the most important, you know."

According to the Animals Rescue Site, there are eight million animals given to shelters each year in the U.S., and millions more around the world.
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