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22 sloth bears rescued in India

The Maoist uprising in India may now be affecting the animals in the area. According to BBC News, 22 sloth bears were moved from a rescue center in Purulia to the Bennerghatta national park because of the possibility of a serious attack.

"The threat was real," SOS Wildlife's founder, Kartick Sathyanarayan, told the news outlet. "The Maoists had put up a poster saying: 'Leave the forest if you want to remain safe.'"

Sathyanarayan also said that Maoist rebels were responsible for a similar attack on a zoo in West Bengal in 2009, where many animals were burned alive.

A team of about 12 veterinarians helped move the bears while checking on their safety, Dr. Arun A. Sha, a vet from the group, told the news outlet. They now join more than 100 other sloth bears at the park, as well as a number of lions, tigers and elephants.

"It is heartening that the animals have been saved. Authorities realized the gravity of the threat," Sha told the news outlet.

According to National Geographic, sloth bears mostly reside in South Asia and often feed on insects and fruit.
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