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300 pets remain in shelters after Japanese nuclear disaster

The natural disasters that caused nuclear concerns in Japan occurred almost a year ago, but more than 300 pets that were rescued from one of the power plants still reside in animal rescue shelters and other facilities in the area, The Yomiuri Shumbun reports.

The Fukushima Prefecture rescued 902 animals from around the 20-kilometer no-entry zone around the power plant after the crisis last March, the news source reports. It is assumed that the pets belonged to owners forced to evacuate their homes in the region during the nuclear concerns following the disaster.

While 600 pets have been collected by their owners, many people are still living in temporary housing that does not allow animals. The government-led group that is taking care of the pets is struggling to pay for the general care of the animals. Plus, some pets have developed illnesses since arriving at the shelter.

"Some of the dogs are sick because they've been here so long. Some have stomach pains from stress," Tadashi Toyoda, a veterinarian in charge of checking the pets' health, told the news outlet.

Meanwhile, many people are concerned that conditions around the destroyed nuclear power plants are not safe for the people still working to clean up after the mess, the Bangkok Post reports. 
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