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36 dogs saved from puppy mill

Halloween is one of the most fun days of the year, yet scores of animal rescue activists spent the holiday in a harrowing situation.

According to, 36 dogs were rescued from a puppy mill and taken to the Buffalo, New York, area for rest and rehabilitation.

"They were squishing a bunch of dogs in a little cage like this," volunteer Janice Jabcuga, who was pointing at a space that was about two feet long and two feet wide, told the news outlet. "That's how these puppies were living."

Some of the breeds rescued included Lhasa Apsos, an American Eskimo dog and a number of Papillons. Animals were treated for afflictions ranging from limps to stomach disorders.

Morgan Dunbar, president of the Animal Allies Club at Canisius College, spoke with the news source about the conditions in puppy mills.

"It's really a disgusting industry and it needs to be stopped," she told the news outlet.

According to the Humane Society, dogs who live in puppy mills are often confined to deplorable conditions and are usually killed after they are no longer able to breed.
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