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A mother-son yellow Lab combo are inseparable

Most people have heard of a Seeing Eye dog for blind humans, but the case of Daisy and Duke, a mother-son yellow Labrador retriever duo, shows how Seeing Eye dogs can also help their fellow canines, Today's THV reports.

Daisy, 10, is completely blind, and her 6-year-old offspring has been leading her around for his entire life. The two have always been together, from the time they lived with a family to the six months they spend on the cold concrete floor of a shelter in Nebraska when their family had to foreclose on its home, the Prior Lake American reports.

The dogs were 24 hours away from being euthanized because they hadn't found a suitable home when a resuce group in Iowa, Secondhand Hounds, brought them to Minnesota, where they spend their time with a foster parent.

When the two dogs get too far apart, Daisy barks and Duke runs to her side, the news source reports. He watches her and guides her through the house and yard, teaching her how to maneuver the doggie door at their current home. Secondhand Hounds is looking for a family who will adopt these pooches, and their trainer says their strong bond requires that the family take them both together. 
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