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A neglected horse finds her way to a shelter

In Meggett, South Carolina, a man was fed up with seeing the poor condition of a neighbor’s horse, named Holly-Grace, The Post and Courier reports. The man took it upon himself to bring Holly-Grace to the Livestock and Equine Awareness and Rescue Network (LEARN).

Instead of legally registering the horse into the shelter, the man left the horse at the doorstep of LEARN. The man did this because he was worried that the neighbor would suffer consequences had LEARN and authorities known who treated the animal so poorly.

Director of LEARN, Elizabeth Steed, told the news source that she is not concerned with pressing charges on the previous, neglectful owner. Steed went on to say,"We just need to do what's right for the horse. I wish he had done this two months ago," Steed said, according to the news source.

While the Humane Society notes that horse slaughter is illegal in the United States, instances such as these may suggest that some owners are finding alternative ways to reduce their stock. Thankfully, an attentive neighbor brought the horse in before it was too late.

The news source states that because Holly-Grace is merely nine-years-old and in good spirits, she is expected to have a full recovery.
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