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Abandoned dog gets a lift from trucker

It's been an enduring odyssey, but it looks as though Jackson, a gentle Weimaraner mix, will finally make it safely to a loving home. In the meantime, he's still trucking.

Jackson's journey started when he was adopted at the Susanne Spirit USA Road Show at a truck stop in Ontario, the Press Enterprise Reports.

The adoptive family likely saved the pup's life, by taking him off the hands of the Rancho Cucamonga Animal Care agency, which uses the road shows to feature its adoptable dogs.

But the new family life didn't last for Jackson - four days later the weary pup was found outside a motel in Beaumont, Texas. The Rancho Cucamonga animal rescue program had tracked the pup using a microchip implanted in Jackson.

Upon hearing the news, organizers of the Susanne Spirit Road Show put the word out to their network of truckers that a dog in Texas needed a lift, says the news source.

The truckers immediately began calling their dispatchers, requesting to pick up a load near Beaumont, where the abandoned pooch waited with the Beaumont Police's animal services division.

Last Tuesday, Cathy Barber, driving for the trucking company YRC Glenn Moore, picked Jackson up, and returned him to Susanne Spirit, where he will serve as the mascot for the Truckin' Dog shows.
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