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Abandoned pets need new homes

The North Clwyd Animal Rescue in Trelogan, U.K., is busy hosting events where volunteers can look at over 100 dogs that are up for adoption, according to a new report from the Flintshire Chronicle.

Many people are not aware that the weeks before summer often correspond with an upsurge in work for animal rescue workers, who see an increase in the number of abandoned pets.

"We have had so many lovely dogs coming in and not being claimed," Anne Owen, the founder of the organization, told the news provider. "We get so many coming in just before the summer holidays as people want to go away and don’t want to make arrangements for their pets. It happens every year."

There are not just dogs, but cats and rabbits available at the animal rescue center.

In the U.S., household cats number about 93 million while more than 77 million dogs are owned and have homes. However, animal overpopulation remains in the U.S. as well as elsewhere in the world. Pet owners are urged to have their animals spayed and neutered in order to prevent new litters and offspring.
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