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Abandoned pit bull finds friend in Chihuahua

For a while, it seemed as though Arnold, a pit bull who was abandoned by his family, would never be normal again. He was anxious and scarred from his experiences wandering the streets. While coaxing from animal experts and loving friends did not make much of a difference, the companionship he found in a Chihuahua named Dearheart did.

Arnold and Dearheart met at the foster home they were both assigned by the Bill Foundation, an organization that takes dogs from Los Angeles county shelters for placement into forever homes, MSNBC reports.

Arnold was once too scared, anxious and sad to stay in a crate. Dearheart was once too uncertain and unsocialized to feel comfortable with others. Now, the two dogs share a crate and a blissful life together, the news source reports. Although they are still shy and slightly nervous when apart, the dogs are "transformed" when together, shelter workers say.

The Bill Foundation is now making it clear to potential adopters that these dogs need to find a home together.

"It's our duty to keep these two special boys where they belong - side by side, just as destiny has decided," the Foundation stated. 
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