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Abandoned pit bull shows noble will to live

After being abandoned, nearly starving to death and suffering a severe foot infection, a tan pit bull earned a new name inspired by her incredible ability to face adversity, reports.

When she was rescued, animal rescue shelter workers named the pooch "Audrey," because it means "noble strength," the news source reports.

"She had to have a great will to live," Cookie Huber told the news outlet. Huber is the general manager of Animal Care Centers, the veterinary clinic that took Audrey in after she was found in a park in December.

When she arrived, she was nearly 20 pounds underweight, and her body temperature, which should have been around 101 degrees, didn't even register on a thermometer, the news outlet reports. Although at first too weak to show any personality, the addition of 13 pounds to her muscular frame and the care of those at the Animal Care Centers, Audrey is now known for her friendly, playful disposition.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, pit bulls are one of the most abused breeds of dogs because of their use in dogfighting rings. Because their population has increased rapidly due to irresponsible ownership, their numbers at shelters have also increased while a media bias has made them harder for shelters to place. 
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