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Adopted diving dog becomes YouTube celebrity

Many dogs have an undying love for retrieving, and many more love the water. But it was Bob, a California dog, who combined these passions to make a name for himself on YouTube, ABC affiliate KABC-TV reports.

Bob, from Bakersfield, California, will dive into his family's swimming pool to fetch his toys from eight feet down on the bottom, the news source reports. While impressing his family and neighbors for years, he has now become a phenomenon on YouTube.

"He's Bob, and we've named him Bob the Amazing Diving Dog," owner Kristie Navarrette told CBS affiliate KARE News.

The Navarrettes found Bob as a stray four years ago, climbing a chain link fence trying to get into her husband's grandmother's yard. He soon made the rest of his talents clear while Navarrette was floating in her pool one day, she told the news outlet.

"I was floating one day in the pool and he dropped [his toy] in the pool, and I wasn't going to get it until I get out. I told him that, and he looked at me like 'I don't need you' and did it," she said. 
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