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Adorable Bunny Wheels To A Win

Judy Durfy, a volunteer and treasurer of Rabbit and Small Animal Rescue in Michigan, won a $500 prize for her favorite animal rescue group with a photo of a foster bunny under the group's care. Durfy snapped a picture of the domestic rabbit (shown right) using her new Doggon' Wheels cart after losing the use of her back legs in a fall. 

Rabbit and Small Animal Rescue had worked with Dr. Joyce A. Balnaves from WaterGate Veterinary Rehab to restore the rabbit’s legs using physical therapy, infrared treatments and acupuncture.

Her regular foster mom worked with Marie regularly as well to aid in her recovery. The wheels served as a therapy tool and helped the rabbit regain her strength when she is too tired to use her back legs. A volunteer donated the cart.

“Marie is now able to use both of her legs,” Durfy said. "They are functional. However, it did take almost a year to rehabilitate her and during that time, Marie lost quite a bit of muscle mass in her back legs.”

Besides winning the $500 grant for the group in The Animal Rescue Site's Flash Photo contest, Durfy also won a $100 credit at The Animal Rescue Site store, which she has used to purchase items for the rescue group’s volunteers.

Rabbit & Small Animals’ adoptable pets, including Marie, can be seen online at or through their website. The group celebrated their fifth anniversary in 2012.

The Flash Photo contest is part of  The Animal Rescue's Shelter+ Challenge with

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