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After four days, cat rescue ends successfully

A cat named Fern was stuck in a tree from Sunday to Thursday morning, in Concord, Massachusetts, when he was finally brought down by animal rescue at around 11 a.m. on March 17, according to The Boston Globe.

The Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARLB) was involved in the effort and senior rescue technician, Bill Tanguay, personally brought Fern down to safety and back to his owners.

Several things complicated the rescue effort, making it a multiple day process. There was wooden picket fence underneath the tree, as well as stone planters that may have injured the cat had it simply jumped from the tree.

Fern is also less than one year old and had reached significant heights that he was not used to. Rescue workers had set up a safety net by Wednesday night, when the weather suddenly turned to rain.

The story finally ended with success on Thursday morning.

"We were able to get Fern down at about 11 a.m. He seems to be healthy and unharmed," Brian O'Connor, manager of animal rescue services at the ARLB, told the news source.

The Humane Society estimates about 93.6 million household cats in the U.S., with 33 percent of homes having at least one cat. The percentage is slightly higher for homes with dogs - about 39 percent.
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