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Air Canada bans shipment of lab monkeys

The Canadian Transportation Agency recently upheld the right of Air Canada to refuse the live shipment of primates destined for laboratories. At least 63 airlines, including British Airways, United Airlines, US Airways and China Airlines, have already committed to refuse shipments of species — and in some cases all animals — destined for laboratory experiments.

“Airlines play a major role in the chain of suffering endured by non-human primates and other animals in laboratories,” said Liz White, director of Animal Alliance of Canada, one of the groups supporting Air Canada’s ban. “We’re delighted that Air Canada will now officially join the ranks of other progressive airlines that refuse to be party to this animal cruelty.”

Animal rights groups in Canada have suggested that Canadian laboratories retool to use the state-of-the-art human biology-based non-animal tools and technologies which are already replacing many traditional animal experiments in the United States and Europe.

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