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Amid radiation fears, 20 dogs are saved in Japan by volunteers

Etsumi Ogino is 56 years old and has a 13-year-old dog named Kein. When she saw a photo of abandoned animals in Minami Soma, a town abandoned by radiation fears, she volunteered, according to The Associated Press.

Ogino was not the only one whose concern for the dogs outweighed her own fears of receiving radiation. Wearing radiation suits and raincoats, about seven volunteers drove to the site of abandonment, found the dogs, took them into their cars and drove them out of the ghost town.

"They were waiting for their owner. ...There are still some left behind. I'm concerned about them and want to pull them out," said Tamiko Nakamura, another volunteer who traveled all the way from Tokyo.

It has been more than one month since the devastating 9.0 earthquake struck Japan. To date, 13,498 people have died and 14,734 are still missing, according to Xinhua News.

About 139,000 earthquake and tsunami survivors are without homes and staying in about 2,300 shelters, reports the news source.
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