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Angel dog allows family of fallen soldier to keep the faith

An email of photographs of puppies was one of the last pieces of correspondence the Rollins family got from their son Justin before he was killed while serving in Iraq. As it turned out, the puppy pictured with the young soldier in the email would be a source of hope for the family long after they had buried their son, ABC News reports.

ABC's 20/20 News team recently caught on film an image of the dog in the family's New Hampshire backyard with a momentary, dramatic ray of sunshine creating a vertical halo over the dog as it turned to look at the family and reporter Kimberly Launier. Although the ray disappeared after a moment, it was only further proof for the Rollins family that the dog, whom they named Hero, was keeping the spirit of their son alive, reports.

When the family was asked by the Army brass if they could do anything to help, they requested one of the puppies from Iraq that the soldier had found and held in those photos. Although officials said it would be a long shot, "Operation Hero" was successful, and the dog now lives with the Rollins family. 
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