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Animal rescue effort underway at Slave Lake

The Edmonton Humane Society has dispatched a team of animal rescue workers to Slave Lake in order to find animals after a fire broke out in the area, according to the Edmonton Sun.

"We have a rescue team that is going back up to join the Slave Lake animal rescue committee, who we’ve been working with, to round up more animals and bring them back to Edmonton. We initially pulled our team out Friday, but we received word that help was still needed," Shawna Randolph, a spokeswoman for the EHS, told the news source.

The rescue workers include experienced personnel who have worked in the Hurricane Katrina after-math, according to Metro News.

There are more than 93 million household cats as well as 77 million owned dogs in the United States, according to the Humane Society. However, many more animals are waiting to be adopted at local shelters and rescue organizations. Families interested in welcoming a new pet should first seek out rescued animals, thus helping them find a loving home.
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