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Animal rescue efforts save drowning deer

Between car accidents and the hunting season at its prime, deer are having a hard time out there in the wild. Still, one darling doe found itself in a tricky situation.

According to KTLA News, a deer in Coachella, California, was taking a sip of water by a canal and fell in. Thankfully, a fisherman-turned animal rescue activist was boating nearby.

"This is a very popular fishing area and it was area fisherman who first spotted the deer," Animal Services Officer Hector Palafox told the news source.

The deer's guardian angel was none other than Robert Nieto, whose passion to help animals was put to the test. After attempting to coax the animal out of the water, he used a nearby rope to reel it in.

The deer was soon put in an air-condition car to counteract the effects of the scorching heat. After an hour of rest and recovery, it was let go.

While incidents like this are rare, deer are still at peril on the road. According to auto insurer State Farm, Pennsylvania is the state with the most car accidents that involve the beautiful creatures.

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