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Animal rescue experts save hundreds of oiled birds

There have been scores of photos circulating of birds in peril in the Gulf, but the public should also know that animal rescue efforts have been helping the winged creatures.

In fact, reports that the Fort Jackson Oiled Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, located in a coastal Louisiana town, has already saved hundreds of victims.

"The animals that are coming in are covered in oil," Rebecca Dunne, a representative, told the news source. "But they are pretty healthy animals. So that makes us feel like we have a chance to save them. We have been pretty successful so far."

So far at least 400 animals have been treated by the center, which scrubs them down and gives them a chance to rest and relax. It looks like their efforts have paid off, as none of the creatures brought in alive have passed away.

Still, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal sees the situation as complicated.
"For every bird they rescue, there are other birds that are oiled, but that they couldn't rescue," he told the news source. "That is what is so heartbreaking to the people of Louisiana."

Other animals affected by the oil spill include fish, sea turtles and pelicans.ADNFCR-2796-ID-19833263-ADNFCR
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