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Animal rescue group tries to save a group of gulls

A bunch of animal rescue activists in California's Bay Area are trying to save a number of young gulls with beer cans stuck around their necks, reports.

The nonprofit WildRescue almost captured one of the winged creatures, however, they failed to reel it in at the last minute.

"We spent yesterday and a good part of today trying to lure it close, but no dice," Rebecca Dmytryk of the organization told the news outlet.

The group is trying to get their hands on a $3,500 net launcher, which could quickly alleviate the problem.

"If we had had this yesterday, the young gull would be flying, free of that awful beer can," Dmytryk said. "But it's still stuck in a race against time."

At least five birds have been spotted with cans around their necks at Half Moon Bay, Fishermen's Wharf in San Francisco, and Stinson Beach.

According to its website, WildRescue is dedicated to helping wildlife in danger and providing immediate assistance and medial care.
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