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Animal rescue organization seeks to help horses

The Equine Rescue League recently saved a horse named Serena with the help of philanthropist Scott Kovak, according to WTKR News.

Serena was abused by her previous owners, suffered from malnutrition and was almost 200 pounds underweight when the Equine Rescue League took her in.

She was eating tree bark due to lack of food, according to Kovak.

"All they want is a good home and a shave. It's just sad to see what some people will do to these animals. As soon as the weather clears up we'll start putting in some permanent fence and just make it bigger and just expand as much as we can because the influx, we don't turn horses away. We will make the room," Kovak, who donates about $800 to the organization each month, told the news source.

The Equine Rescue League is a nonprofit organization located on Promise Kept Farm in Lovettsville, Virginia. The facility provides for horses, ponies, donkeys and mules, according to its website.
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