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Animal rescue underway at Humane Society of Missouri

After the devastating tornado that swept through Joplin, Missouri, the Humane Society is sending an animal rescue team, including veterinarians, in order to save pets abandoned during the natural disaster, according to KSDK News.

The Joplin Animal Control Agency, as well as the Jasper County Emergency Management organization, will work together with the Humane Society of Missouri in order to rescue the abandoned, sick or homeless animals. Missouri Southern State University will host the site for an animal shelter.

The National Weather Service reports that the Joplin tornado is the second most deadly in the history of the United States, while CNN says that at least 116 people have been confirmed dead. The tornado hit about 30 percent of the city of Joplin.

More than 93 million cats and 77 million dogs are household pets throughout the United States. However, in times of emergency - such as the Japan earthquake earlier this year - many people are forced to abandon their pets when they flee a natural disaster. Animal rescue services aim to save the abandoned animals and provide new adoptive homes for the cats and dogs.
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