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Animal rescue workers arrive in tornado-damaged areas

The Humane Society of the United States has already deployed animal rescue workers to disaster areas this year, including Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where a tornado left many animals in need of a home, according to a new report from the Huffington Post.

Now, the animal rescue organization is sending personnel to Mississippi and Missouri in order to help out after the latest round of tornadoes and severe weather conditions resulted in property loss, damaged homes and abandoned animals.

"People and animals face so many uncertainties when they are experiencing a disaster. It is crucial that others who can help, do help," Tara Loller, a field responder, told the news source. "This is where the Animal Rescue Team, both HSUS employees and our amazing volunteers, step in. We were asked into these communities that truly needed us and we immediately felt so appreciated."

The Humane Society reports that there are more than 93 million pet cats and 77 million household dogs in the United States. One of the myths surrounding the spaying of pets is that female cats should only be spayed after their first litter. This is a myth as it has been shown that female cats spayed before their first litter are usually healthier. Spaying and neutering is a great way to counter animal overpopulation. 
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