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Animal rescue workers drive long distances to save dogs

In Salinas, California, animal rescue workers are sometimes driving more than 12 hours with dogs and cats, in order to bring these animals to shelters where they can be adopted, according to a recent report from the Californian.

"We do this so that no animals need to be euthanized. We are working with the shelters to create proactive programs to make that happen," Kelly Lehrian, the executive director of the Animal Friends Rescue Project, told the news source.

Depending on the personality of the dog, an animal taken in by the Salinas Animal Services (SAS) may end up in different places.

"We get a lot of shy dogs and they don't do well in kennels. We know if we get them in a rescue shelter they do fine," Cindy Burnham, a manager at SAS, told the news outlet.

Pet owners and potentially pet adopters can do their part in helping to lessen the burden of animal overpopulation. Pet owners can have their dogs and cats spayed and neutered, while potential pet adopters should think carefully about the responsibility of adoption before they make the choice. Pet adoption is definitely a good thing to do, but sometimes, hasty adoptions can lead to animals being returned to shelters.
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