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Animal shelters require interview for pet surrender

Putting a child up for adoption is a long, involved process in which birth parents are required to go through legal and psychological counsel. Putting a pet up for adoption is much less involved - generally, it consists of a simple drop off at a local animal shelter.

But this oversimplified procedure for pet surrender is one reason why shelters are filled to the brim, according to the Animal Humane Society, The Pioneer Press reports. The organization's shelters now require an appointment with an owner in order for them to surrender their pet. This new measure has improved the placement rates of pets by nearly 20 percent and has reduced the usage of euthanasia by 41 percent, the news source reports.

During the appointment, owners are interviewed about the pet's age, health and behavioral problems, and why it is being surrendered in the first place. Often times, staff members can provide resources for the owner to prevent them from having to give the animal up in the first place.

"We now know who is coming and why they're coming, and that helps us prepare," Animal Humane Society CEO Janelle Dixon told the news source. She added that having information about an animal helps to get it adopted more quickly.  
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