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Animals get personal, study says

When relating with other humans, it can be easy to pick out who is a loner, a drama queen, a workaholic or a braggart. But, are these traits as easily identifiable in animals?

Recently, researchers have found that our peers in the animal kingdom, like humans, often display the same personality traits throughout their lives, the New York Times reports.

"Some of the behavior patterns we're talking about are similar to what we call personality in human psychology literature," Max Wolf of the Max Planck Institute in Germany told the news source.

He added, "So why not call it personality in other animals?"

For example, a study reported in the journal Animal Behavior by Ralf Kurvens of Wageningen University in the Netherlands sought to figure out what made certain barnacle geese fearless leaders of their pack.

As it turns out, gender, size or social dominance did not seem to be linked to leadership. However, boldness, exemplified by the animal's willingness to approach a foreign object, seemed to predict which geese were leaders and which were followers.

While the research continues, you can find a pet that perfectly complements your own personality by picking out a dog or cat at your local animal shelter.ADNFCR-2796-ID-19706674-ADNFCR
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