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Animals participate in social networks

As science, technology and citizenship overlap, officials at the Brookfield Zoo are taking advantage of Twitter to bring the public closer to its zoo animals, according to The Chicago Tribune.

Each day, scientists at the zoo update its Twitter feed - Brookfield_zoo - which features messages written in the voice of the various animals such as gorillas, leopards and anteaters.

As Brookfield's behavioral research manager Jason Watters explains, the Twitter initiative is a way to communicate through human social networks and demonstrate new insights into animal behavior.

"One of the areas of interest I have had is in understanding social networks, particularly animal social networks. We're interested in allowing these animals to be part of someone's social network," Watters told the news source.

Furthermore, the Twitter updates are a way to involve the general audience with happenings in the animal kingdom at the zoo.

A recent post from the zoo concerns Zenda, the lion: "[A]dult lions have 30 teeth," reads the post. "Zenda is resting at the back of his exhibit." 
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