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Animals rescued by Broward County Humane Society in Florida

Flooding from the Mississippi River is prompting animal rescue workers to save as many animals as possible and attempt to place them into adoptive homes, according to a new report from USA Today.

The Broward Country Humane Society, as well as the Washington Animal Rescue League, have sent out teams of rescue workers looking for abandoned pets. The former is focusing on the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida area, while the latter is rescuing animals in Alabama and Missouri. Some workers are driving over 1,000 miles in order to find proper shelters for the rescued pets.

There are more than 93 million owned cats and 77 million household dogs in the U.S., according to the Humane Society. One way that animal overpopulation can be controlled and reversed is through spaying and neutering household pets. Animal rescue shelters across the country have cats and dogs waiting to be taken in by a loving home. Many of these centers also offer information about spaying and neutering.

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