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Are Dogs Sneaky?

How many times has your dog proven that while you're watching, he's an angel - but if your back is turned, counter-surfing is fair game?  According to a new study, dogs totally understand the human point of view - and when a tasty tidbit comes into play, will take advantage of their expertise.  

Dogs and humans go back a long way; it should be no surprise that they can read us.  They do more than learn simple commands like "sit" and "stay; they know our body language and our moods.   They know when we're happy with them, and they know when they're getting into something they're not supposed to.  That's why they do it when your back is turned!

That's right.  A recent study shows that dogs are four times as likely to steal food that a human has told them not to touch if it is in the dark.  Even better, researchers were able to determine that the lighting of the food itself was most important in deciding whether to go for it - suggesting that the dogs are not reacting to whether they can see us, but whether we can see them approaching the verboten cuisine. 

So the next time your hamburger goes missing while you're looking the other way, you might ask Fido where it's gone.  And before you give him a hard time, remember that he reads us so well because dogs have been watching us, living with us, helping us out and making us smile for untold generations.  Now that's love.

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