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Baby seal enters rescue shelter

A baby seal that was rescued in the Channel Islands is doing well at the moment, BBC News reports.

The sea animal, now affectionately named Pumpkin, entered the shelter in October and has been thriving on staple food, such as fish soup, ever since. Jayne Le Cras of the Guernsey Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which is located on the islands, said finding seal pups along the shore is a common occurrence.

"The mothers give birth and then go back in the water and periodically return to feed the baby, but sometimes the pups end up getting bashed about on the rocks and head further up the beach where walkers find them," she told the news outlet.

Le Cras hopes that she can transfer Pumpkin to the UK relatively soon, so he can learn to interact with other seals and get the care and space he needs.

"We don't have the facilities to keep him here until he is ready for release," she told the news outlet.

According to the Scottish Natural Heritage foundation, there 33 species of seals worldwide, two of which live near Great Britain.
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