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Bald eagle rescued from power lines

A young bald eagle was hanging by its wing from a power line when workers below noticed and initiated an impromptu animal rescue.

The Telegram reports that workers Phil Morris, Chris Kehoe and Donnie Philpott were working on the ground when they saw the young bird hanging by the tip of its wing after it had become trapped on a transmission tower line.

Morris called local wildlife officer Ellis Bartlett to ask how the three men should go about rescuing the animal. They climbed 60 feet up in the steel tower, untangled the eagle and then slowly ushered it into a crate.

"We don't do many rescues in our job," Morris told the news source. "But it felt pretty good to do what we did."

The eagle was treated by the animal care unit of Salmonier Nature Park and has been on a food diet. Officials say that once it is fully recovered it will either remain at the park for educational purposes or could be sent to another park or zoo.

According to the American Bald Eagle Foundation, the animals don't develop their signature white feathers on their head and tail until they are five years old.
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