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Barn owls trained by surrogate mothers are ready for the wild

Eight barn owls rescued by The Northwest Raptor & Wildlife Center (NRWC) and the Sequim Wildlife Rescue are being prepared for release back into the wild, the Sequim Gazette reports.

The owls were rehabilitated by staff members, with the help of two replacement owl-mothers at the NRWC facility. The replacement mothers permanently reside in the center and specialize in aiding fledglings (young owls).

Executive director Jaye Moore told the news source, "We are going to perform a soft release from the center, whereby we gradually open their enclosures to allow the barn owls to explore the wild and return when they need to, just as they would from their parents nest. These owls will be wonderful community members who will help keep local rodent populations under control."

National Geographic reports that the barn owl is the most common owl in the world, and although some states are experiencing a decline in their owl populations, efforts by organizations such as the NRWC are helping the beautiful species survive.
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