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Beaver takes up residence at the YMCA

We're all familiar with gym rats, but are beavers the rodents most truly dedicated to their fitness regimens? One beaver in Spokane, Washington, has been living at his gym for a year, undiscovered – and he wasn't even paying dues.

The amphibious creature took up residence below an old YMCA in town after the organization moved to an updated facility at a new location, according to the

The furry creature's subterranean living arrangement was discovered when a city employee investigated rumors of a beaver dwelling in the bottom of the old building, where a river runs through the sub-basement, the news source reports.

However, just because the animal was discovered doesn't mean he's evicted.

"There are lots of beavers in the Spokane River so it's not surprising I guess that one found its way," city spokesperson Marlene Feist told the news provider. "There's a lot of water in that sub-basement so it might be a good home for one."

The North American beaver population once totaled over 60 million, but the creatures have been sought after for their fur and their glands, the latter of which are often used in perfumes and medicine. As a result of the hunting, as well as deforestation, their population is currently estimated to be between 6 and 12 million.

Concerned animal lovers could donate time or money to animal rescue organizations like Beavers: Wetlands and Wildlife, in order to help beavers survive the changes in their environment.
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