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Blind dog gets vision back after rescue

No one is sure how a small fluffy dog ended up in a trash heap in Los Angeles, but it was a veterinary procedure provided by the Hope for Paws Animal Rescue that gave her a new life, People Magazine reports.

In addition to being stray, filthy, flea-infested and most likely starving, the dog, who has since been named Fiona, was blind. However, thanks to Eldad and Audrey Hagar of the animal rescue organization, she is now happy and can see perfectly.

The shelter raised $4,500 for a veterinary ophthalmology procedure that restored vision in both of Fiona's eyes, the news outlet reports.

"She wagged! She was so happy," Eldad Hagar told the publication. "For the first time, she made the connection between hearing our voices and our smells to seeing our faces. It's just like being blindfolded all your life and all of a sudden, you're 10 years old and they take your blindfold off. It's just an incredible thing."

Audrey added that Fiona was eager to look out the window and watch the world.

"She became a very, very happy, excited dog. Her personality changed," she told the news outlet.

Fiona, 11, has since been adopted, according to the Daily Mail.
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