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Blind dog home for Christmas

Craigslist may have gotten a bad name in the media, but the classifieds website was recently partially responsible for saving a lost, blind dog and reuniting it with its family, the Washington Post reports.

It was high school teacher Brooke Orr who was responsible for using the website to find the home of Steve Oedipus Wonder, a Cairn terrier mix puppy that was born without eyes. Days after Thanksgiving, the pooch wandered away from its home and its owners, the Gutierrez family, who had saved it from an abusive former home, had become hopeless in looking for it. They posted an ad on Craigslist, hoping someone would find it.

Stevie had been taken in by Animal Care Services. However, because the dog didn't have updated tags and his owner couldn't be found, they prepared to euthanize him. Orr offered to foster the dog over the holidays. Imagining that he must belong to someone, she typed in "blind dog" on Craigslist and immediately found the Gutierrez's ad.

"This is my Christmas miracle," Stevie's owner Belinda Gutierrez said. "I actually thought I was going to have a sad end of the year and a sad Christmas."
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