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Blogger saves more than 1,000 dogs from Chinese meat industry

Without the prose of Peng, a 40-year-old blogger and volunteer for the Chongqing Small Animal Protection Association in China, more than 1,100 dogs would be awaiting their death at a Chinese slaughterhouse.

Instead, they are awaiting new homes, The Huffington Post reports. The blogger knew he had to take action when he first saw the shipment of the animals on a flatbed truck in Southwest China. The dogs, stacked in cages without food and water, would have endured a 22 hour journey in those conditions if Peng had not written a blog post that tipped off animal activists and law officials.

Law enforcement was able to intercept the dogs and keep them at a pig farm for emergency care, according to China Daily. Well-meaning residents have donated enough food to keep the dogs healthy for the next three to four weeks, and one donor has offered a 1,000-square-foot warehouse to house the animals that cannot be adopted. The news source reports that about 20 percent of the dogs will be able to be adopted.
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