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Blue whales put themselves in danger off L.A. coast

Blue whales have recently been congregating at an underwater drop-off outside the Los Angeles Harbor. This has put them at risk of being hit by ships that pass through this port, which is the largest in the nation, The Los Angeles Times reports.

The daily sightings of blue whales, the largest species on earth, has drawn many tourists and has excited many wildlife enthusiasts. However, most experts are worried that the recovering population of whales off the coast of California will be negatively impacted by "virtual freeway of ship traffic" that the site has become, according to the news source.

National Geographic reports that blue whales are the largest animals ever known to have lived on earth. They measure about 100 feet long and weigh at least 200 tons - their hearts alone weight as much as a car. They live on a diet of almost only krill - which is what they are feasting on off L.A.'s coast.

Scientists are continuing to track the whales to try and understand their patterns and behavior better to determine ways to keep them separate from ships and vessels.  
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