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Bobcat Visits Dog Park

Sometime during the course of a dark February night, a wild bobcat found himself wandering through Marymoor Park in Redmond, Washington.  He climbed into a tall, comfortable tree to relax, and did what any bobcat would do: he settled in for the day.  As the sun rose, he found himself on a lonely tree - right in the middle of the park's off-leash area!

For the whole day, the bobcat relaxed in the tree, much to the delight of avid wildlife watchers, amateur photographers, and dog walkers, who enjoyed watching from afar.  Authorities put up caution tape to ensure that people keep a safe distance.  As the park quieted and evening fell, under the cover of darkness, the bobcat slipped safely away.

Bobcats are the most common wildcat in North America.  Like coyotes, they are opportunistic and adaptable.  As urbanization encroaches on their habitat, they become more and more likely to come into contact with humans in the suburbs and around parks and other natural areas.  Bobcats tend to be on the move in the late evening and early morning.   If you are fortunate enough to see one passing through your neighborhood, keep your distance and keep your pets inside until it has a chance to get away.

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