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British Columbia animal rescuers return 10 deer to the wild

The British Columbia SPCA's Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre (Wild ARC) recently released 10 young wild deer back to the woods, according to The Times Colonist.

"Most of them bounded off into the bush," Wild ARC branch manager Kari Marks told the news source. "There was just one that wanted to come back. We had to shoo him away, and he kept looking forlornly at us - but he'll be wild again pretty soon. It's a very good day for us because deer are really hard to take care of."

The rescue center urges B.C. residents to leave fawns if they come across them alone in the woods, even though it can be difficult to resist the urge to save animals. Marks told the news source that most of the time, the fawns are fine and have been left alone in a spot for a reason. Most of the young deer that are brought to the animal shelter are neither injured nor are they orphaned.

This year, the Wild ARC reports that fewer fawns have been brought in despite a rising number of complaints of the creatures in urbanized areas. More deer in populated areas increases the risk of vehicle-deer collisions as well, so B.C. residents should take extra caution.
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