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British cat scares away mailman

Nearly every neighborhood has at least one surly canine that mailmen dread approaching and children avoid. But in Farsley, England, the furry creature terrorizing the local postman is none other than a house cat!

The black and white feline, aptly named Tiger, has been harassing the local mail delivery men, and has become a legend in the small town, according to the Associated Press.

However, the 19-year-old pet's owner, Tracy Brayshaw, says that she can't imagine her cat behaving badly, the news source reports.

So just how bad can one cute and cuddly kitty be? According to the news provider, when mailmen approach Brayshaw 's home, a ball of flying fur will inevitably launch itself through the cat door and attacks their legs.

This has happened so often that the postal service no longer delivers to Brayshaw's door - instead, the homeowner has been forced to pick up her mail at the post office. Now that's loyalty to your pet!

Those who plan on adopting a cat from their local animal shelter - but who would like to stay on friendly terms with their mailman - should observe the way the cats interact with the other animals and with human visitors, to ensure they take home a friendly feline.
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