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Camp Angels Makes Having Diabetes Normal

For the kids who participate in Camp Angels’ program, the chance to spend a day or a week at camp means more than just having a good time playing outdoors and learning new skills like archery. It means forgetting that they’re “different” from other kids because they have diabetes.

Over and over, in thank you letters received for trips sponsored this year, the children mentioned how much fun it was to be with other kids and teachers who understood what their life is like.

“At camp, I know that all I have to do is look around and find someone who will understand what it’s like to poke my fingers and prick my skin with needles just to stay alive. It is just so much easier to be myself at camp,” wrote Aidan in September.

“My year revolves around the two weeks of August,” added Gracie, “because for those two weeks out of fifty-two, I’m not an oddity. I am normal. The insulin pump on my waist does not invite stares.”

“I was driving my grandmother crazy to go back,” said Siya in her brilliantly colored letter. “Last year was the best year of my life and you brought it back to me again this year.”

Camp Angels was founded by Don and Diane Rung, whose son Steve has Type 1 diabetes. Today, Camp Angels provides Type 1 diabetic children from financially challenged families a way to afford an enjoyable, customized camp experience.

To learn more about Camp Angels and their program, visit the Gifts That Give More page at The Diabetes Site.

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