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Camp Was Just Awesome For Tristan

When thirteen-year-old Tristan arrived at his summer camp, he found it full of “just awesome” experiences. There was a 40-foot slide, a zip line, a rope course, a trampoline, and “the blob, some kind of bouncing thing that we could jump or dive from.”

More importantly, Tristan had no trouble controlling his diabetes while surrounded by other kids like him.

“We had lot of good food with as many snacks as we wanted,” he mentioned in a recent thank you letter to Camp Angels.

But for Tristan, the nicest part of the trip was a chance to hang out with other children who have diabetes. “We all measure our sugar, give ourselves insulin shots, and nobody looks at you like you are a freak,” he wrote. “This was the highlight of my summer. I was very happy even though I missed my siblings and my Mom. I am grateful that such nice people like you helped me.”

To learn more about Camp Angels and their program to send kids with diabetes to camp, visit the Gifts That Give More page at The Diabetes Site.

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