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Canada goose rescued in Massachusetts

A Canada goose in Massachusetts got some much-needed help from some kind-hearted people, reports.

According to the news source, frigid temperatures caused the winged creature to become stuck in a pond at the Breakheart Reservation in Saugus. After a number of passersby noticed the bird's predicament, they contacted the Animal League of Boston.

"He was there maybe two or three days beforehand," senior rescue technician Mike Vogal told the news outlet. "I guess someone went out the day before to rescue the goose." He added that they most likely did not have the proper equipment to help the animal.

Vogal and his team reportedly crawled 300 feet out on the frozen water and used a net to pull the goose out to safety. The animal rescue official told the news outlet that the bird is doing fine and will likely be released back into the wild shortly.

Canada geese are defined by their large black necks and black head, crown and bill. They are extremely common in North American city parks and most tend to migrate south during the winter.
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