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Captured Grizzly bear cubs see happy ending

Grizzly bears are intimidating in size and strength, but they hardly harm humans. Individuals are 12 times more likely to die of a bee sting than a bear attack, according to

However, a misunderstanding of the nature of grizzly bears has lead humans to fear the creature, which can have dire consequences for the animal. In the case of three cubs, it came down to life and death, according to The Province.

Wildlife rescue organizer Angelika Langen pulled together a last-minute 15-hour drive this week to save three grizzly cubs. Their mother had been shot by a local after the bears ventured onto their property in search of food.

Fortunately, the Northern Lights Wildlife Society co-founder and her colleagues made it just on time to save the orphans from an unwarranted death.

"We'll keep them until next spring," Langen told the news source. "They'll be released somewhere around June and they'll go back into the Bella Coola region, but not close to town where the problem occurred."

Grizzly bears often wander onto properties when their natural habitats have been invaded. The scent of food has also been known to lure the bears into traps.
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