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Cat Haven owner launches new program to save wild cats

Dale Anderson, a California native who has a passion for big cats, took his love of wild felines and turned it into a career. Voice of America reports that Anderson is the proud caretaker of 27 wild cats. His woodland property, which spans more than 91 acres of the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, is home to eleven different species of cats - including lions, tigers, bobcats, jaguars, cheetahs and leopards.

Not only does Anderson love his exotic pets, but he went through the proper channels to obtain them, securing permits for all of the wild felines, many of which are endangered. Now, people can come to his home to see these magnificent creatures up close and learn more about how they need human help to survive. Anderson took these efforts a step farther by launching Project Survival, a way for people to help animals.

"The objective is to get the message across and then channel the money away from here to projects that need to get done," Anderson told the news source. "What I want to do is make it so when people come up here they walk away and go, 'geez, I want to help in conservation. I want to do something to help save animals in the wild and I have a way to be able to do that.'"
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