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Cat is reunited with owners after four years thanks to microchip

The Walter family was reunited with their lost cat, Rosebud, after four years of separation, reports The Daily Home.

Tina Walter lost Rosebud when he ran away during a trip to the Animal Shelter of Pell City.

“I didn’t have a carrier, so I had Rosebud in my arms wrapped in a towel,” Walter told the source. “When we got to the shelter, he went nuts and tried to climb me like a tree.”

Four years later, animal control officer, Rose Ogden, was on a golf course trying to catch a dog when she caught Rosebud in a trap by mistake. After she scanned Rosebud’s microchip, she discovered that he was a lost cat that belonged to the Walters.

After some research and investigation, Ogden was able to reunite the Walters with Rosebud thanks to the identification microchip.

The American Humane Association (AHA) recommends cat owners provide ID tags, tattoos or microchips for their pets in case they are lost. Only 2 percent of cats that arrive at animal shelters are reunited with their owners, the AHA reports.
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