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Cat nurses from dog, builds lifelong bond

After finding a young shepherd mix injured on the street and nursing a litter, the Edmonton Humane Society in Canada was able to get the puppies weaned and adopted. One of the dog's young, however, got to stay with its mother.

Its adopted mother, that is. Jacob the kitten was found nursing from the pooch alongside her puppies when the family was found on a central reserve in Alberta in December. The dog, who has been named Esperanza by shelter workers, received surgery for her wounds after being saved by Criss Gerwing, who runs a small animal rescue group, MSN reported.

Now, after the puppies were sent off to loving homes, Jacob and Esperanza have found one, too - together. Amber and Vince Gunderson adopted the pair and recently told USA Today that they are better than ever, affectionate toward each other and their new family.

"They're so important to each other," Amber Gunderson told the news source. "Maybe it's because they went through so much together."

Throughout Esperanza's healing process, Jacob kept a watchful eye on her. Now, he cleans her ears and they eat out of the same bowl and sleep in the same bed, Gunderson said. 
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