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Cat rescued from tree after 30 hours

Firefighters in Sutton, South London, rescued a cat named Cleo about 30 hours after the kitten became stuck in a tree that overwhelmed her, according to a recent report from The Daily Mail.

"We were doing the gardening on Friday morning when our two cats, Cleo and Figaro, both went up the tree but Cleo wouldn't come down. We tried everything, including coaxing it down with microwaved cat food so she would pick up the smell, but nothing was going to tempt her," Zara McIntosh, the cat's owner, told the news source.

Finally, firefighters were able to use a hydraulic machine to rescue the cat.

In the U.S., more than 93 million cats have homes, according to the Humane Society. Cat owners can help to prevent their cats from getting into risky situation on large trees by placing a mesh around the base of the tree, according to the news source.

Animal overpopulation remains a problem as many cats are still in need of adoption. People considering a new pet should first visit an animal adoption center.
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